About Malrea Business Service

“Exciting” may not be the first word that comes to mind when considering MalRea Business Service for your needs, MalRea is an innovative service that focuses on Individual Tax Returns, Business Tax Returns, IFTA Fuel Tax Returns and Bookkeeping Services.

We listen to and get to know each client so that we can provide services that meet their immediate needs and lay a foundation for their future. As a Tax Service firm, we know that situations can change quickly. MalRea is committed to providing accurate and updated information. It is our commitment to remain current with tax laws and provide this information to you. When those changes occur, we will be here for you, whether you are a business or an individual. We are excited to join you on the journey as you make strategic financial decisions for now and set long-term goals for future growth. Your growth is our growth, so we take your business personally, and we do it with personality.

Serving Small Businesses throughout Atlanta and Nationwide

For quality tax services from a team of experienced, solution-driven professionals who are ready to listen to you, call us at 404-975-3008 now and request a free consultation to get started.

What You Can Expect

  • Return preparation using the client portal.
  • Experienced Tax Preparers
  • Secure client Portal
  • Tax Planning
  • Year-Round Service
  • Experienced Accountants
  • IFTA Returns